FP100 - nominate the greatest Fife bands ever!

FP100 logo for 2014 edition on 100 top Fife bands.
FP100 logo for 2014 edition on 100 top Fife bands.
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Every single day without fail more nominations for our FP100 pour in by-email.

And with some ten days still to go there is still time to nominate the bands you think should be in our top 100.

It will be the very first time that anyone has listed the 100 greatest bands to emerge from Fife - and crown the group we believe are worthy of being number one; the best of the very best!

Our ‘long list’ of nominees continues to grow, and I fully expect it to break through the 200 mark before the deadline on January 25.

That gives our team a huge challenge to whittle them down to 100 and then come up with a definitive top ten.

As always, we want to guard against the sin of omission, and this is where you come in.

We have bands from the 1950s right through to the 2000s already nominated ... but is there a forgotten gem of a group we should know about?

Is there a band which used to kick up a storm on stage back in the days of the Dutch Mill, the Raith Ballroom, Anthony’s Hotel or the Cuinzie Neuk in Kinghorn?

And what about the bands who brought great live music to war years of the 1940s and dance hall days of the 50s?

Who packed out the dance halls and got you up on the floor at the Burma and the Raith Ballroom as well a the ice rink in the days when you could skate and then dance under one roof.

If they came from Fife, we want to hear about them.

We already have a treasure trove of nominees from across the decades - The Spellbinders, The Nameless Ones, The Dominators and The Black Ring are just a few of the groups already nominated from the 1960s.

And our list will come right up to date covering every genre and style of music enjoyed in the Kingdom.

But who will make the final cut? The debate has already started among our team of judges and writers!

You have until January 25 to make sure your favourites are on the long list - so get in touch!

The criteria for nominees is simple.

They must be Fife bands - sorry no solo performers as we covered them in our FP100 on culture.

>> To nominate, simply email ffpnews@fifetoday.co.uk or allan.crow@jpress.co.uk

>> You can also nominate via our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/fifefreepress