Fringe Review: Concerto a Tempo d’Umore *****

Concerto a Temppo d'Umore, Assembly Rooms
Concerto a Temppo d'Umore, Assembly Rooms

Concerto a Tempo d’Umore *****

Assembly Rooms (Venue 20)

They may have the formality of an orchestra, but Concerto make music more fun than anyone could imagine.

The entourage from Catalonia are all outstanding musicians as well as comedy actors, and, without uttering a single word, turn in a gloriously entertaining theatrical concert.

They take the classics as well as Hollywood theme tunes, moving arouund the stage with the precision of a dance troupe and razor sharp comic timing.

The characters of the orchestra all come to the fore and play their part, and the end result is a show that is an utter joy.

The kids in the front roared with laughter at the slapstick, while the creation of an instant orchestra made up of volunteers from the audience underlined the skill of the performers

They finished with some fabulous audience participation and departed to a thoroughly deserved standing ovation.

This is a must see show – one for the whole family.

Music will never be such fun again ...

Concerto a Temppo d’Umore,

Assembly Rooms (Venue 20, 5.00pm, Aug 10-13, 15-20, 22-27

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