From bagging a bargain to frying bacon - the top 50 little things that make us happy

A smiling baby is among the ten things that make Britons happiestA smiling baby is among the ten things that make Britons happiest
A smiling baby is among the ten things that make Britons happiest
Being complimented for losing weight, getting a bargain and finding a lost tenner in your pocket are among life's top 50 '˜sweetest moments', according to new research.

A study of 2000 UK adults revealed the little things which make them happy - such as getting asked for ID even though you’re clearly old enough to drink.

Climbing into a bed with fresh sheets and the aroma of bacon cooking also help to brighten our day.

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Other happy moments include seeing a dog with their head sticking out of the car window, being surprised with flowers or chocolates and the first coffee of the day.

The research was commissioned by Spirini a mobile phone app for deal hunters, which launches this week.

Spokesman Chris Needham said: “The results show how we get a little bit of joy from the smallest things.

“From getting a compliment to seeing something that makes us giggle it often the small things that make us happiest.”

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Also in the top 50 is seeing an old couple holding hands, watching funny animal videos and the smell of freshly cut grass.

Having a good hair day features high in the list, along with seeing a baby smile and waking-up at the weekend and realising you don’t have to go to work.

Perfect toast, the lift arriving the second you push the button and getting some juicy gossip from a pal also feature.

The research found that UK adults are typically happy four times a day and generally at their happiest at the age of 26.

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Over half consider themselves to be happy more often than not - just 16 per cent described themselves as generally unhappy.

Nine in 10 said they like to be spontaneous although 47 per cent admit they aren’t impromptu enough.

And six in 10 people rely on others for a spot of spontaneity - in fact the typical UK adult is pleasantly surprised four times a day on average.

Over 90 per cent keep their eyes peeled for a bargain while over a third like to boast about their purchases when they get a good deal.


1. Getting a bargain

2. Getting into a bed with freshly ironed sheets

3. Seeing the sunshine

4. Finding a forgotten tenner in your pocket

5. Being told you’ve lost weight

6. Funny animal videos

7. Someone telling you that you look nice

8. Seeing a baby’s smile

9. Smell of freshly cut grass

10. Seeing an old couple holding hands

11. When daffodils come into bloom

12. A lie in

13. When your favourite song comes on the radio

14. The smell of bacon

15. Having a good hair day

16. Being surprised with flowers or chocolate

17. Someone thinking you’re younger than you actually are

18. A spontaneous hug/kiss/I love you from your kids

19. Being spontaneous

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20. Waking up at the weekend (or Bank Holiday) and realising you don’t have to go to work

21. First coffee or tea of the morning

22. Home time after a day at work

23. Hearing one of your children has been super polite

24. Seeing your children win something

25. Being greeted by your dog

26. When a pen writes nicely

27. Perfectly toasted toast

28. Finding a really comfy bra

29. Seeing dogs stick their head out of car windows

30. Getting asked for ID even though you’re clearly old enough to drink

31. The lift arriving the second you push the button

32. When your cake rises

33. Catching your train in time

34. Getting some juicy gossip from a friend

35. Seeing people fall over

36. Finding a forgotten bottle of booze in the fridge/cupboard

37. Feeling particularly energetic at a sports class

38. Beating the traffic and speedily getting to work

39. Falling asleep in front of the TV

40. Getting new make-up/cosmetics

41. Sound of champagne corks popping

42. Pouring a perfect beer

43. Putting on a new pair of socks

44. Taking a nice selfie

45. Overtaking a smart Alec on the motorway

46. Seeing a celebrity you don’t like get caught out

47. Having just enough milk for a bowl of cereal

48. Managing to perfectly mow lines into your garden lawn

49. Peeling an apple in one long peel

50. Overtaking another runner when you’re out for a jog