From beyond the grave?

Image of supposed ghost
Image of supposed ghost
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THIS spooky picture taken by a Lundin Links paranormal enthusiast is amazing ghost hunters the world over.

The image, which supposedly shows the face of a little boy, was taken by author Len Low on a trip to London to visit a friend in hospital.

It was while there that Len, whose image features in his current book ‘There Are Such Things’, was told by nurses of a strange presence in its underground area.

Keen to take a look for himself, Len was taken down to the Archway hospital’s basement to try and capture a glimpse of what was terrifying the nurses.

The hospital had once been used as a leper colony and, while down in the basement, Len, who says he’s also encountered paranormal activity inside Pittenweem Tolbooth where he acts as its caretaker, decided to investigate further, so entered a part of the hospital that is rarely accessed.

He said: “Nobody had been down there for years and the ground was almost crystalised like snow.

“As I walked further in I could see a ball of light down the far end which was moving so I just started taking picture after picture of it.

“It then just started coming towards me with this trail of light behind it.”

Len noticed what he thought was a little boy’s face, so showed the pictures to a spiritualist friend of his whom, he insists, had no prior knowledge of the hospital.

“I’ve had spiritualists in the tower and I’ve been far from impressed with most of them,” Len told the Mail.

“But this woman just ran her hands over the photo and started saying how the picture hadn’t been taken in Pittenweem.

“She then started touching her face and saying that the boy in the picture had leprosy.”

The spiritualist told him that she felt the boy’s name was William and that he’d lost his life in the hospital.

Len, who has also written about the area’s witch trials in his book The Weem Witch, spends a lot of his time in London where he creates film-sets and says that interest in the picture has “gone through the roof” since his most recent book’s publication.

He has now been lined up as a potential guest on ITV’s This Morning during a paranormal week while the book, which also features pictures of activity in the Tolbooth, is attracting interest from across the other side of the pond with the story picked up by two US stations.