Fundraising group raise £12K for Maggie’s

The Friends group have raised more than �12,000. (Pic: Dave Scott)
The Friends group have raised more than �12,000. (Pic: Dave Scott)

A group of friends who set up a fundraising group earlier this year, are preparing to donate more than £12,000 to charity.

The 17 women formed St Andrews Friends of Maggie’s in February, and in seven months have taken part in numerous events and raised thousands of pounds in the process.

The women became friends through their Friday 5K running group, and wanted to support Maggie’s after one of the members had a cancer diagnosis and treatment.

“One of the women was diagnosed with cancer and used the Maggie’s centre,” explained Margo Lindsay (53) a member of the Friends.

“It provided invaluable support.

“We thought it would be lovely to give something back. We sat around a table in February and formed a committee.

“We thought we would do it until October when we would do the relay run.”

The group have taken part in around one or two events per month since forming, and plan on donating the money they have raised with a long distance run on October 1.

The group is taking part in a relay of 66 miles between the Maggie’s centres in Kirkcaldy and Dundee, and will be splitting the money between the two.

The run caps of months of fundraising for the Friends.

Since forming, they have hosted a ceilidh, quiz nights, parties, raffles and silent auctions, as well as taking part in several kilt walks, including the Edinburgh one last weekend.

Margo said: “We didn’t think we would raise as much as we have. We’ve had great support from the local community. We have put our heart and souls into this.”

Margo explained that while the Friends have been raising money, they have also been trying to spread the word about Maggie’s.

“We’ve been spreading the message of Maggie’s – what they stand for, a cancer care centre for everyone, not just the person. They do amazing work.

“We just wanted to get the word out there, because there are people who don’t know you can walk through that door.”

If you would like to support the Friends or make a donation, you can do so by visiting their Facebook page.

Louise Duncan, centre fundraising organiser at Maggie’s, said: “We’re absolutely delighted to be supporting the St Andrews Friends of Maggie’s. It is sure to be a great challenge to take part in and we look forward to seeing them at the Fife Centre once they have completed their relay run.

“Everyone at Maggie’s sends the very best of luck and is hugely thankful to everyone involved with the St Andrews Friends of Maggie’s.”