Glenrothes art to feature on BBC programme

Glenrothes town artist Malcolm Robertson cleaning his Giant Irisis artwork.
Glenrothes town artist Malcolm Robertson cleaning his Giant Irisis artwork.

Rexie the dinosaur, David Harding’s Henge and the town’s giant irises are among the town artworks set to be featured in a BBC radio programme later this month

With Glenrothes celebrating both its 70th birthday and the 50th anniversary of the appointment of the UK’s first town artist David Harding, its that collection of town art which provides the inspiration for popular BBC Radio Scotland’s ‘Our Story’ programme.

Now about to embark on its 13th series of half hour spoken work documentaries capturing an aspect of life within a community, both the artwork and some of the townsfolk the art was intended for, explain what it means to them.

“We’ve had a fantastic response from the people of Glenrothes,several town art experts and from David Harding and Malcolm Robertson, the two artists themselves,” explained Lynsey Moyes, the BBC’s senior producer for radio features.

“We have people’s own stories as to the association with town art in Glenrothes, including those who grew up with it ad those who had a hand in making it.”

Also interviewed for the forthcoming programme were members of Glenrothes Heritage Centre and Andrew Demetrius from St Andrews University, who is currently one of those involved in the David Harding film and exhibition project, set to be featured in the town in later this year.

Malcolm Robertson took time out from cleaning one of his most famous works – the giant irises this week to speak about the legacy of art in the town.

“The fact that they are still here, that they are still enjoyed and that I’m still speaking about them fill me with immense pride.”

Alongside the Glenrothes programme the programme makers visit Harwick Common Riding Festival, look at life at Faslane peace camp, feature Glasgow Garden Festival and shine the spotlight on Waverley Care, the UK’s first purpose-built AIDS hospice in 1989, in response to the growing HIV epidemic in Edinburgh.

The Glenrothes programme will be broadcast by BBC Scotland on August 7 at 1.30pm and will also be available via the BBC iplayer.