Glenrothes ‘Folk’ wanted for art inspiration

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GLENROTHES people are being offered the chance to have themselves and places that have been important to them them immortalised in artworks, reports MIKE DELANEY.

An acclaimed artist is looking for models to provide the subject matter for a major exhibition which will be mounted in the town at the end of the year.

Cate Inglis is currently creating the works for ‘Folk’, which aims to celebrate the people and culture of Fife and which will show at Rothes Halls’ FifeSpace Gallery from December 5-January 12.

Born in Greenock, the 35 year-old studied at Glasgow School of Art, but has come a long way since she specialised in her original passion, jewellery.

Now describing herself as a mixed-media artist, she was invited artist at last year’s Pittenweem Art Festival and has won plaudits for her creation of multi-layered, three-dimensional paintings and printed panels.

She said: “I have already started working on ‘Folk’, but I would welcome more models to come forward.

“I take people’s photograph and then talk to them in detail about what has mattered to them in their lives.

“I ask them for street names and locations and then I visit them and they will become part of the work along with the person’s portrait.

“Because I’m from Glasgow, I’m not familiar with many of the customs and sayings in Fife and I find them quite fascinating, how they are handed down through the years and so it’s a way of capturing the culture through talking to people and depicting them.”