Guests stunned by paranormal activity

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THE weekend’s paranormal vigil at the Regent Cinema gave guests a lot more than they bargained for as terrifying activity flooded the night.

If anybody had expected a fun evening of ghost hunting, with Regent staff dressing up or putting on some sort of show, they were mistaken.

The cinema brought in paranormal group Is It Haunted? to track down any spooks, after visitors and staff reported feeling presences within the building.

After a showing of the Paranormal Activity film to get guests on the sold-out tour in the mood, the group got down to the business of some real ghost hunting - and it wasn’t long until the dead came out to play - with a previously reported spirit of a bingo player among those turning up.

Gary Geddes, from the group, told the Mail after the hunt: “Friday night was fantastic with loads of activity.

“Some of our guests were using the ouija boards and picked up various spirits. Peggy and James seemed to be the two strongest connections we made.

“Our psychic medium also attempted some table tipping, where our guests claimed she had no control over the table’s movements, and at one point, the table moved from one end of the auditorium to another.

“We also had a few situations where people got emotional and had to leave certain rooms.

“People also mentioned they felt something touching them on the face and their hair.

“One guest told us she felt like someone was pushing on her chest.

“Carol, our medium, had no prior knowledge of the venue and we did not tell her the history of the building until the end of the evening.

“Carol picked up on an older lady who has been scaring employees for some time now and gets a kick out of it - this ties up with the East Fife Mail report on the Gala bingo ghost.”

Stewart Sutherland from the Regent explained the nature and severity of the activity may have taken a lot of the members of the hunt by surprise.

Some had possibly come expecting staff to “throw sheets over their heads”, he said, but did not account for the flying tables, touching and genuine fear the evening produced.

He said: “The crowd was spun into a frenzy when the table tipping physically took off. It pulled people across the hall, up the aisle and into the makeshift bar left from last week’s Big Stooshie gig.”