Gunner Club: Local reaction to news Kirkcaldy social club has closed down

The entrance to the Gunner Club.
The entrance to the Gunner Club.

The news that the Gunner Club in Kirkcaldy was closing down this week was met by disbelief and sadness by many in the town.

The social club, on School Lane near the ice rink, has been a popular venue in the Lang Toun for many years, but rising bills for electric, rates and VAT, were proving too difficult to manage, and forced the committee to take the unwelcome step of closing the club.

The Gunner Club.

The Gunner Club.

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Here are some of the reactions to the news from readers on our Facebook pages.

Margaret Campbell: So sad to hear, my dad was doorman for a long time and we had some great nights there.

Tracy Pirie: Really sad to hear, had some fab night in the Gunners. My mum and dad were also regulars for years. It’s such a great venue just wish someone could inject some cash into it.

Fiona Stirling: Very sorry to hear it’s closing down for good as had many a great night in there, it’s been a credit to all who ran the place and the great bar staff with special mention to Rab Allan for all the amazing acts he brought to the club.

Angela Miller: So sorry to hear this my uncle Wullie Miller and his wife Ina Miller used to go there. I’ve been myself a few times, was a great club.

Matthew Urquhart: Too many people staying in on a Saturday night watching guff tv.

Claire Morris: Little Big Sound are very sad at this outcome. It was always one of our favourite venues to play as a band.

Mags Dow: So sad, used to go there for a drink before the ice hockey back in the 80s.

Miriam Jane Newton-Gentle: Always a good reception there when I sold War Crys on a Friday night.

David Purdie: There should have been a Special Meeting for the members to let them know what is happening. Also what is going to happen to the stocks that are left and all the takings that were taken on Saturday night?

Casey Mclean Casey: Our wedding do venue all those years ago. Be sad to think it’s closing.

Suzanne Fairgrieve: Such a shame! I was there in January with my sister and we were saying it hadn’t changed a bit since we were last in it 25years ago! Used to be my dad’s weekly haunt with his mate when I was younger.

Mima Scott: So sad to hear this. Yet another historic part of kirkcaldy gone.

Dave Mackay: Sad times, I’ve sang in bands there, been to some cracking nights out there especially this year and I was a member and played football for the Gunners for a short spell.

Denise Wallace: My grandad Bill Wallace was a regular there many years ago. It’s a sad day!

Barry Dickson: Sign of the times! These places never recovered from the smoking ban.

Alan Mckinnon: End of an era. The Galton will be a sadder place without the Gunners.

Margaret Grewar: Such a shame! Had a good few nights here but that was a good few years back! It’s such a shame that there isn’t a place for the older people to have a dance & game of bingo nowadays.

Adelle Smith: To be fair I live in the same street and often attend hockey games and didn’t even know it was there.

Marion McLaren: Very sad news. I had many very happy times at the Gunners, loved dancing and watched Jocky Wilson playing darts at the club.

Joyce Cooper: Why are the rates so high? There will soon be nowhere to go in Fife, just what the council need, more people staying at home alone!

Linda Forrester: Look at it though, if it didn’t look like it was already closed down maybe folk would go to it, I’ve been going to the ice rink every weekend for two years and always thought it was shut down!