Haste ye back again

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A LINK between Levenmouth and Trinidad is growing stronger.

Another delegation from the Caribbean island recently returned home after a successful visit to the parish of Methilhill and Denbeath.

The Rev John Bacchas made the trip over to strengthen the twinning partnership between the Church of Scotland in Trinidad and the Rev Elisabeth Cranfield’s charge which was set up just over three years ago.

He was accompanied by his session clerk, Ray Sumairsingh, and his wife Charmaine Sumairsingh along with her sister, Marie.

Whilst here Mr Bacchas, as part of a busy programme, held services in Methilhill and Denbeath Parish Church and Forth View Care Centre, visited Wellesley Unit at Randolph Wemyss Memorial Hospital and met with staff and pupils at Denbeath and Methilhill Primary Schools.

He also celebrated his birthday with 30 members of the Methilhill and Denbeath congregation before enjoying visits to Aberdeenshire and St Andrews.

After the visit Ms Cranfield said the twinning partnership had been further enhanced.

She added: “Throughout the visit there was a real sense of John being a very welcome friend someone familiar with an important part to play in our congregation’s life, people were very glad to have him minister to them.

“This was his third visit to us and people are now very enthusiastic about our twinning.

“John was made very welcome in a number of homes which he visited. He spoke movingly at the farewell ceilidh emphasising how important and special our twinning with us is at home.”