A new year shape up for your home

You may have made all sorts of promises to improve yourself - dropping a dress size or pounding a treadmill - but don’t overlook a shape-up for the home.
PA Photo/Handout.PA Photo/Handout.
PA Photo/Handout.

New Year is the perfect time to embrace a new look, and there’s plenty to inspire in the latest decor trends.

Budget permitting, you could opt for a total makeover, but even indulging in a few simple, fresh touches will give rooms a lift - and that’s an ideal and inexpensive way to experiment before you plump for a favourite trend.

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“Our homes are a reflection of our personalities and increasingly we’re not afraid to have fun with colour, mix old with new, minimalism with drama and handmade with technology, for fabulous, quirky, eclectic and mismatched imperfection,” says Sarah Quilliam, head of product design at made-to-measure blind specialists Hillarys,.

“If you love pale colours and soft neutrals, look away now, it’s time to embrace an explosion of colour! The patterns and palette we’re going to see coming through are bold, cheerful and optimistic, with yellow being a stand-out shade, along with luminous accents of orange and neon pink,” she adds.

“But fear not - the key word here is ‘accent’, as they do also look great with taupe and ever-popular greys.”

Print designs featuring nature and woodland creatures will give way to lush, green botanicals, ethnic designs with a strong Moroccan or Mexican influence, as well as lots of strong, graphic geometrics, she predicts.

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Vintage will also continue to be a massive trend, as our love of shabby chic sees us delving back into the past to take inspiration for the future, but always with a modern twist,” she says.

Romance and sea breezes: Steven Rowe, head of design at Tesco, predicts: “The main looks are coastal-cool New England style, bold, beautiful monochrome and the romantic elegance of couture-themed products.”

Explore the outdoors: “We’re continuing to celebrate the great outdoors and seek inspiration from nature,” says Sue Roberts, design director at House of Fraser.

Classical and upcycling: Claire Hornby, creative stylist at Barker & Stonehouse, says: “Use a neutral and honey colour palette and pick furniture that is restrained in style but provides real comfort.”

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Memory lane meets Boho: “There’s a willingness to embrace colour, fun and detail evident in the trends this year,” says Rachel Small, home living buying manager at Sainsbury’s. “Boho Chic has a relaxed, informal vibe evoking Moorish and Moroccan interiors.”

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