DIY Tips

If your home has a painted exterior, it won’t stay looking good forever because, inevitably, the elements will take their toll.

The easiest way to give it a new look is to paint it a different colour, using a high quality masonry paint, such as those by Sandtex or Dulux. Even if you’re happy with the existing colour, repainting it can work wonders. Discoloured, peeling and patchy paint isn’t pretty or practical and can lead to damage that’s expensive to repair.

While you can rarely be as adventurous with the colours you use on the outside of your home as the inside, you don’t have to restrict yourself to white, cream or magnolia. That said, you do need to consider what will go with your neighbours’ houses, if there any restrictions (such as planning ones) on the colours you can use, and what suits the style and period of the building.

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Rendering and/or cladding (with wood or wood-effect panelling) can make a big difference to the exterior, as can changing the widows and doors, adding balconies and extensions, and retiling the roof. Adding dormer windows and replacing unattractive concrete roof tiles with slate ones can go a long way to giving your home character and kerb appeal. In fact, exteriors can be transformed beyond recognition and while this type of work often isn’t cheap, it will certainly add value and make your home more attractive and sellable.

Before you start changing the exterior though, remember it’s essential to find out whether planning permission is required . The area in which you live, as well as the type of building can affect your plans.