Do-it-yourself tips...

Do you use your garage as more of a dumping ground than anything else?

As important as storage space is for bikes, power tools and things you hardly use, converting the garage into a playroom, kitchen extension, bedroom, dining room, home office, or any other room you need, could be a brilliant way of making your home bigger and better.

If your car rarely sees the inside of the garage, is it time to think about redesigning and reusing the space?

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The size of an average single garage is around 150 sq ft, which isn’t big enough to fit many family cars comfortably, but could well be valuable living space if you’ve outgrown your home.

While converting the garage may involve upgrading the walls, insulation and foundations, etc, the main change externally will be replacing the garage door with a window, window and door, or French windows and then rebuilding the wall to blend in with the rest of the house, so it should be relatively straightforward.

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