Feeling blue?

PA Photo/HandoutPA Photo/Handout
PA Photo/Handout
Blue skies may not be a permanent fixture as we struggle to see a settled summer, but the colour blue is key for this year’s interior landscape.

Deep, punchy blues - think indigo and navy or Pantone’s peppy shade of cobalt, Dazzling Blue - can add depth and richness to a scheme, and the hues are so versatile they work in any setting, contemporary or traditional.

“Dubbed as the latest alternative to neutrals, blues have really made an impact this year in homes, and the long-term forecast is that their popularity will last well into next year,” says Kate Tansley, creative director at furniture specialists, Multiyork.

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“Wonderfully versatile, there are so many beautiful shades of blue. And what’s brilliant is that they can be mixed and matched, so don’t be afraid to introduce a variety of blue hues into the same space.

“A warm shade, such as navy, azure or cobalt, is the perfect choice for sociable spaces, such as the living or dining room, as it creates a cosy, inviting feel, while retaining a hint of elegance.”

Navy is also stylish, she believes, and is a particular favourite as its flattering undertones make it an ideal shade to team with almost any other colour, even those which sit adjacent to it on the colour wheel, like yellow and orange.

Taking the plunge needn’t be scary, even a small amount of ‘moody blue’ can make an impact in a room, whether it’s in beautiful accessories, such as a collection of blue glassware, or for the bold, a feature wall.

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If the latter’s your choice, ensure there’s plenty of natural light and balance it with neutrals. White’s a classic contrast but may be a little harsh in a north-facing room; sludgy whites or even pale greys are a warmer choice, teamed with blond wood floors and stripped back furniture.