Find your macho style match

PA Photo/HandoutPA Photo/Handout
PA Photo/Handout
Time was when decor was a girly pastime, and men who were enthusiastic about interior design were warily regarded as being a little too in touch with their feminine side.

How things change; nowadays men are unashamedly style savvy and are blazing a trail with a rough luxe look which appeals to women as well. It features textures - beaten, rusted metal, loft-style unplastered brick work - which combine brilliantly with dark tones and leather and create a hard-edged industrial/luxury gentleman’s club combo.

“The lines are becoming more blurred over what style suits a ‘men’s space’ and one which is shared by both sexes,” says Maurizio Pellizzoni, a designer at architecture and interiors firm MPD London.

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“Undoubtedly, a rough luxe industrial dimension incorporating leathers and metallics which is striking without being overbearing, a characteristic of rooms that appeals to men, is becoming increasingly popular generally.”

The key to creating a successful male-orientated space is to create an environment which is stylish, refined and inviting, says Pellizzoni, as men want areas where they can instantly relax and unwind.

“Fun and playful elements which distract from the everyday pressures and preoccupations of work make an interior interesting and add to the chill-down feel,” he says.

“In a recent project we created a sophisticated entertainment room for after-hours entertaining, which had a gentlemen’s club flavour. It had a large cinema screen, a pool table and bespoke Hollwood-style bar. It’s all about a space which isn’t too serious in tone but speaks volumes about the client’s style, taste and design credentials.”