How to get rid of fruit flies: 10 Expert hacks for getting rid of fruit flies in your home kitchen

What’s the fastest way to get rid of fruit flies? Discover the arsenal you have at your disposal and how to stop the pests even preemptively.

No matter where you reside in Britain, fruit flies can propagate at alarming speeds on your kitchen counters or inside your waste bin. While they can show up at any time of year, they often emerge during Summer and Autumn - due to their attraction to ripe or rotting food.

Disturbingly, an adult female fruit fly can lay 2,000 eggs on any surface that is rotting and moist and have tiny maggots hatching within 30 hours. Two days later, these pests are fully grown and prepared to mate.

Research demonstrates that fruit flies can transfer germs from dirty surfaces onto clean ones, transferring bacteria such as E.coli, salmonella, and listeria - which pose huge risks of food poisoning which can even result in hospitalisation.

To keep you safe, here are ten expert-recommended ways to get rid of fruit flies - including preventative strategies so they never appear in your house at all.