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With spring on the horizon, and designers launching their latest bed linen collections, there couldn’t be a better time to give your bedroom a little bit of love and attention.

After all, it’s the most intimate room in the house, where we go to unwind and relax and, if we’re lucky enough, where we spend a third of our lives sleeping.

A haven of tranquility with plenty of scope for personal touches, simple pleasures such as soft cotton sheets, a boudoir cushion and a throw can evoke a feeling of wellbeing, enhance your space, and be an open invitation to come to bed.

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“For a fresh, elegant look for spring bedrooms, white or champagne tones are timeless, romantic and naturally calming, making the perfect antidote to a busy day,” says Julie Hall, head of design at Bedeck. “ As in fashion, the addition of stylish accessories can give the bedroom personality, while layering the bed will create the complete effect.”

Indeed, scattering softly-coloured decorative cushions and a beautiful throw at the bottom of the bed for a neutral but textured look, adds interest without overwhelming the scheme. And if you can’t resist decorative details for a more luxurious feel, delicate lace borders, embroidery, seersucker, or a subtle floral pattern in a muted colour palette are right on trend for 2015.

“The most important thing about your bedroom is that it reflects your personal style and taste; it has to be a place that you want to be. Whether you share or have the room all to yourself, make it your favourite place to relax,” advises Molly Freshwater, Secret Linen Store founder.

Classic, timeless designs, combined with the highest attention to detail, seem to be the ideal way to create a tranquil feel to your sleeping space and work the ‘boutique hotel’ look without feeling like a guest under your own roof.

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And in keeping with the mode for a subtle palette, bestsellers are still white, cream and pale grey - but, according to Liam Butler, brand director at Achica, there’s a definite trend for colour. As a result, Achica’s buying team have developed a range - which will be available late spring - featuring hot pinks and cobalt blues that can be layered into white and pale grey.

“Coloured bed linen is an easy way to update a neutral scheme and add personality,” says Butler. “Our customers are also more savvy when it comes to quality. The Achica 1000 thread count linen range is by far the bestseller within the current collection, and we’ll be focusing on expanding our highest quality ranges for 2015.”

The height of luxury and Rolls-Royce of bed linen sets, 1000 thread count is the highest quality yarn and will sustain more wear and tear than lower, say between 200 and 600, threads.

As Paul Deckland, decorative bed linens buyer at John Lewis, points out: “Thread count is the number of yarns packed into every square inch of fabric. The higher the thread count, the softer the bed linen - think crisp and sumptuous hotel sheets.

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“High quality Egyptian cotton bedding is an ideal option,” advises Deckland. “It’s supremely soft and also exceptionally hard-wearing, thanks to the longer threads of the Egyptian cotton plant which are stronger and more durable than other cottons, so your sheeting will last for years to come, wash after wash.”

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