Room for romance

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Romance is a funny old thing; it can sneak up on you, hit you like a thunderbolt, or just be tantalisingly out of reach, but there’s one place where it’s all too easy to feel the love - at home.

Rooms which are cosy, cherishing and cosseting are as good as a hug on a cold winter’s day, while those dressed with tactile ‘touch-me’ textures and sensual curves seduce the senses.

Similarly, while love comes in all shapes and sizes, so do settings, and there are several looks to fall for, which could appeal if you’re flirting, infatuated or totally committed to a romantic decor choice.

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If all things amour set your heart racing, be inspired this February 14 and use the red of those classic love tokens, hearts and roses, as a decor cue. Pastel pinks and pretty touches are for those with a head-over-heels crush on fashionable boudoir style, while neutral tones, skilfully embellished with decorative accents, are so subtle that they have a timeless appeal.

So don’t wait for love to come knocking - simply romance the rooms!


Forever associated with ‘girly’ girls, those blushing, pink shades are for those who love all things flirty and feminine.

“Pink velvets, shimmering glass and the sheen of fashionable metallics capture the new romantic spirit,” says Stephanie Chen, director of Marks & Spencer’s home division.

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“A sumptuous and indulgent collection of statement pieces play a key role in our new collection for homes. Traditional touches in ceramic and lace create a soft, feminine mood, ending on a vibrant range of pretty pastel colour pops in modern digi-prints and chic classic styles.

“A combination of decadent pink velvet and striking copper conjures an elegant yet chic look, that is the epitome of the trend for 2015.”

HEARTFELT TOUCHES: Make a commitment by colouring walls with pale Powder Pink from Dulux’s MixLab, £24.49 for 2.5L of emulsion. Vintage declarations of love feature on Coloroll Love Letters Old Rose Wallpaper, £7.99 a roll, The Range, which embodies old-fashioned courtship.

There’s nowhere more suitable for romance than the bedroom, and this space should be a cocoon where relaxation and seduction is easy. Naturally, a well-dressed bed is essential, and Emma Bridgewater’s new Hearts & Flowers bedlinen set is particularly appropriate in pale pink and white. Double Duvet Cover, £55, available from mid-March (visit for stockists).

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Grace a bedroom or living room with a shapely Bethany Armchair, which can be upholstered in a dusky pink Conte velvet, from £699, Marks & Spencer. If that’s in danger of turning the bank balance an uncomfortable shade of red, snap up a heart-shaped Magenta Faux Fur Cushion, £35, Helen Moore.

TOKEN GESTURE: Love is in the air this month, so heighten it with the potent scent of Fresh Cut Roses, from Yankee Candle’s room fragrance collection. Pillar Candle, from £14.99.


Red’s not for the faint-hearted, as its rich shades can overpower. But allow it star in a pure white room, and it will leave no doubt of your love of drama.

“Red is undoubtedly the most dynamic colour in the spectrum,” says Marianne Shillingford, creative director for Dulux. “We are drawn to it as it attracts attention and promises excitement with an edge of danger. Whether it’s a little red dress, a lipstick, roses or a sport’s car, this colour always has impact.

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“That’s because all colours have wavelengths, similar to sound, and each has a distinctive characteristic. As red has the longest wavelength, it could be described in sound terms as mimicking a pounding heart or a beating drum, and stimulates the appetite for everything, including love and passion.

“Remember also that bursts of passion are exciting in a relationship - and bold colours enliven rooms. Consider painting a piece of furniture in your favourite red shade, and add pops of red - ‘kisses’ - in accessories.”

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