Top tips to keep your house warm without your bills going up

As we enter the colder months, keeping our homes warm can feel like a real daunting challenge if you don’t want your bills to be affected.

By Gordon Holmes
Thursday, 7th October 2021, 2:00 pm
Window furnishings can help keep your house warm.
Window furnishings can help keep your house warm.

Home expert Anna Sharman for leading blinds company, has put together her tips for keeping your house warm without the costs going up.

Use your window furnishings

Try to utilise the (little) hours we have sunshine by keeping your blinds open during daylight hours. The sunlight will warm your home and you won’t have to turn the heating on! Remember to close your blinds once it’s dark as they’ll then act as a layer of insulation and keep your rooms warmer.

Window furnishings can help keep your house warm.

Draught-proof your home

Simple but effective, draught-proofing your home will quickly help your home stop leaking heat. Typically draughts can be found in windows and doors and through letterboxes and other gaps in floors so check these first.

Layer up

It seems obvious but putting on that extra jumper really can save you money if you’re trying to keep your bills down! Wearing extra clothes or getting under a blanket is a cost-free way to stay warm at home and feels extra cosy.

Move your furniture

Is your furniture blocking your radiators? If so, move them! You may think having furniture near your heat sources will make you feel warmer but in reality, it will be blocking them from warming up the rest of the room. Position your furniture so they don’t block any radiators as this will help them warm your home more effectively.

Keep doors closed

Keeping rooms shut off will reduce airflow and help rooms stay warmer for longer and heat won’t escape through open doorways. If you don’t plan on using a room, don’t unnecessarily heat this room as it’s a waste of fuel.

Leave the oven door open

An easy one to do, if you’re using your oven to cook a meal after you’ve finished, leave the door open. This will act as an extra heat source and make the room feel toasty!