How about this stocking filler?


THE boys from Bareview are at it again.

East Fife’s players hope to repeat the success of last year’s efforts when they decided to bare all for a fun calendar to raise cash for the club’s supporters’ group.



Last season the calendar helped provide funds for the club who struggled through a particularly cold winter which saw countless games postponed.

National broadcaster Sky Sports News was one of the calendar’s supporters, with the Fifers’ 2011 effort still hanging on the channel’s walls.

Caroline Maxwell, the supporters’ club’s secretary, told the Mail: “We weren’t going to run a calendar this year but the team at Sky Sports News got in touch with us and pleaded that we do it.

“They managed to get a copy of last year’s calendar and its taken pride of place on the wall of their office seemingly.

“I think that they just couldn’t live without looking at the stars of East Fife.”

The Fife players, including Steve Hislop, Craig Johnstone, David Muir, Stevie Campbell, John Ovenstone and Scott Dalziel, all feature in a ‘themed’ year - which includes hay at harvest time and pumpkins at Hallowe’en to cover the lads’ modesty.

During the recent Sky filming, Dalziel even made a cheeky plea, asking Sky presenter Georgie Thompson to ‘call him’.

It’s not yet known if the former girlfriend of TV celeb Declan Donnelly has taken the striker up on his offer.

Last year’s calendars were so successful that a second print run was required and all of them were also sold out.

The calendars are priced at £6, or £10 including postage and packing, and can be ordered either on matchdays or during business hours at Bayview.

They can also be bought by e-mailing