How to cook, George Egg style!

George Egg'Comedian
George Egg'Comedian

When staying in a hotel has it ever crossed your mind that you could use the appliances in the room to cook a three course meal?

Didn’t think so. But for one comedian this is something he’s done on a regular basis.

Now George Egg brings his show, ‘Anarchist Cook’ to the Byre Theatre in St Andrews on Friday, April 15 and Carnegie Hall, Dunfermline on April 16 as part of That’s Fife Comedy Festival.

In one hour, George will make a three course meal – which the audience can taste at the end of the show – using only items you would find in a hotel room, as well as delivering some top quality stand up comedy.

The stand-up and fanatical cook is looking forward to coming back to Scotland.

He said: “I’m looking forward to it. The last time I was in Scotland it was a lot of fun.

“The audience can expect to see me cook a three course meal on hotel equipment and I hope it will inspire people to think outside the box.

“It works on two levels in that it’s a comedian giving a lecture on how to cook without kitchen equipment in a hotel room, but it works on another level and is about expanding people’s thinking.”

So what was it that started George on this rather strange experiment?

“It comes from being a stand up for 20 odd years and spending a lot of time post gigs in hotel rooms and being really interested in cooking.

“Hotels are so expensive and after a gig it’s often hard to find anything to eat other than junk food.

“I wanted to save money and I realised there’s a lot of heat generating equipment in hotel rooms and I started to experiment, wanting to be a bit anarchic and creative.

“I did the food for a good six or seven years before the show came about.

“I made a film on YouTube making pasta and fresh muffins from scratch and that went pretty well. It got about 150,000 hits nearly and it just went on the back burner for a while.

“I did a 10 minute slot of the cooking at a Christmas comedy show in London and it went really well, so I did the Brighton Fringe in 2014.

“Then last summer I took the show to Edinburgh.

The comedian’s show sold out at the Brighton Fringe in 2014 and was a nominee for best comedy show at that festival.

And since then George has been receiving a really positive response from audiences, including selling out the Edinburgh Fringe.“The whole thing has been going so much better than I could have expected.

“I did the Edinburgh Fringe last August, and I took the show up really expecting single figure audiences – but every show completely sold out.”

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