I lost weight, had baby ... and found new zest for life

Louise Hamilton'Slimming World (after)
Louise Hamilton'Slimming World (after)

Losing four stone has brought one local woman the gift of a beautiful baby girl and a new zest for life.

When Louise Hamilton walked through the doors of her Slimming World group, having another baby was the furthest thing on her mind.

She was there to support a friend, but chose to join when she learned about the food she could eat without weighing or measuring.

She explained: “Within seven weeks I had lost 10 per cent of my body weight - and shortly after that discovered I was pregnant.

“I knew Slimming World had been endorsed by the Midwifes Association which gave me the confidence to continue as I did not want to put on weight unnecessarily.”

Attending her group every week and having regular check ups with her midwife allowed Louise to eat her favorite meals.

Louise struggled with her weight from her late teens and she continued to struggle through student life, her marriage and having three children. She’d tried several diets with some success, however never reached her goal.

Slimming World turned Louise’s life upside down.

She said: “Having four children often means working to a budget and I have been able to do so with Slimming World and their food optimising plan. My health has improved greatly too. Walking is easier and going horse riding for the first time in four years was amazing.

“Losing weight has given me the confidence to go and chase my dreams. One was to become a consultant and that dream has just come true.”