Jammy Ella hits 60,000 milestone

Ella Brown has been making jams and preserves for the village shop in Ceres for over 40 years, and recently delivered her 60,000th jar to owner John Mitchell and his staff.

Sunday, 8th May 2016, 3:00 pm
Ella Brown and John Mitchell with some of the jams.

Ella, who just makes them in her kitchen, is well known in the area, and people travel from all over just to buy her products. She’s even received letters from far-flung places after people gifted her jams to friends and family across the world. John was delighted to help her mark the milestone and said: “It’s fantastic for me to be able to sell Ella’s jams because it’s a locally-made product and it really is incredible how much we sell.” Ella, who started making the jams for the Mitchell family after reaching an agreement with John’s dad, Sandy, said it’s lovely to know people like her products but she never thought she’d reach 60,000. “It’s a hobby really, I just love making jam,” she said.

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