Jessie’s a movie star at the age of 83!

Jessie Baxter
Jessie Baxter

A STRATHMIGLO pensioner has become a local movie star after selling more than 100 copies of a charity DVD offering villagers a trip down memory lane.

Jessie Baxter (83) produced a documentary film sharing her memories of Strathmiglo High Street in the 1930s.

The DVD proved a huge hit in the village, being snapped up by local people to send to friends and relatives all over the world.

It has raised over £500 for Cancer Research through the proceeds.

Jessie has now filmed a new DVD — the first of a two-part series — detailing her early life growing up on Westmill Farm.

She said: “My first effort at producing a DVD has proved more popular than I could ever have imagined and this has spurred me on to continue my reminiscence and pass on my life stories when growing up on the farm through the difficult years of the Second World War.

“There are so many stories to tell, some amusing, some informative, that I have had to split it into two DVDs, the first of which is available now and the second will be ready by Christmas.

“I’m so pleased that the blethers of a pensioner has so far raised over £500 for such a worthwhile cause as Cancer Research and hope that people enjoy this DVD as much as the first and continue to support a charity which is close to all our hearts.

“Many families like my own have been affected by cancer, which is why I support Cancer Research in any way I can.”

Jessie produced her first DVD with the help of daughter Shona Peebles.

It shows Jessie sitting in her own living room reminiscing about the way the High Street used to be.

She recalls the shops that have long since disappeared and shares tales of some of the families and characters who used to live there.

The DVDs are available for £5 each and can be bought directly from Jessie on 01337 868950.