Kirkcaldy author dreams up novel trilogy

A Kirkcaldy author says the release of her debut novel is a dream come true - literally!

Thursday, 5th May 2016, 3:00 pm
Kirkcaldy author Cassie Kennedy has released her debut novel The Feathered Roots

Cassie Kennedy’s book ‘The Feathered Roots’ is the first of three fantasy novels coming out this year which will make up ‘The Kinship Chronicles’.

The 38-year-old, who only began writing four years ago, said she was inspired to put pen to paper after having a recurring dream - an experience she’s never had before or since.

She said: “About four years ago I had the same dream over four nights about twins who were separated but then found each other again.

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“When it got to the third night I thought I need to write this down and then I started wondering, what happened to the twins? How did they get separated?

“After that I went to a creative writing class and then once I started writing I couldn’t stop.”

It took Cassie nine months to finish the trilogy and after some initial interest from a publishing house, she decided to self-release.

“It’s so individual and so different that I wanted to put it out myself, self-financed and professionally edited.

“Part of what is so good about doing it that way is I can choose the cover, I can choose the content, you’re fully in control.”

As well as writing Cassie, who works as a business manager for a finance company in Glenrothes, gives readings with the group Fife Writes, regularly updates her blog and has also begun a side line in story-telling.

“It’s brilliant fun. I have as much fun as the kids do and it’s a way of diversifying my writing.

“The trilogy has been a real labour of love but I had a great time writing it.”

‘The Feathered Roots’ is available on Amazon worldwide. Visit