Kirkcaldy film company’s latest movie to premiere at horror festival

A scene from Automata with Alexandra Nicole Hulme and Keith Robson.
A scene from Automata with Alexandra Nicole Hulme and Keith Robson.

Dysart-based film-maker Lawrie Brewster’s latest horror masterpiece, Automata, is to be premiered at the Frightfest film festival in Glasgow.

The lavish, Gothic chiller, which was filmed mainly at locations around Fife and the Highlands, will screen at Arrow FrightFest’s 14th annual Scottish event this March.

The film, the fourth feature-length production by Kirkcaldy’s Hex Media, the company set up by Lawrie and partner Sarah Daly, who has written the script and music for Automata and many other of the Hex films, will provide its share of shocks and chills as part of the popular horrorfest.

Automata is Hex’s boldest offering yet, with a lavish, Giallo-esque visual style, a subversive sensibility, and a narrative that spans three centuries.

The film tells the story of an antiques expert who is called upon to authenticate ‘the Infernal Princess,’ a 300-year-old clockwork doll with a notorious history.

He soon comes under its corrupting influence and finds himself the target of dark forces beyond his control.

The film stars Erich Redman (Overlord), Jamie Scott Gordon (The Unkindness of Ravens, Bonejangles) and Alexandra Nicole Hulme (Lord Of Tears, The Black Gloves), alongside Jonathan Hansler (The Devil’s Business) and rising star Victoria Lucie (Dartmoor Killing).

Lawrie said: “Automata is a wild, Gothic thrill-ride, and by far the most lavish and ambitious film we’ve produced to date.

“We’re honoured and excited to have the film’s international premiere here in Scotland, at the UK’s largest genre festival FrightFest, and as part of the prestigious Glasgow Film Festival.”

Automata will screen on March 2, part of a line-up of European and International premieres.

The film is an international co-production between Hex Studios and partners Dark Dunes Productions, in association with Needle’s Eye Productions, 7 Toes Productions and Lights Out Productions.