Learning how to ‘bagrock’

Red Hot Chilli Pipers. PR shot to promote tour.
Red Hot Chilli Pipers. PR shot to promote tour.

PUPILS at Osborne House in Dysart are to be taught how to ‘bagrock’ by the one of the world’s most famous bagpipe groups.

Members of the Red Hot Chilli Pipers are set to visit the independent school on November 17 to give the children a demonstration of their unique musical sound.

There will also be an opportunity for the pupils to take up lessons from two of the band members over the next few weeks.

Eunice Cameron, headteacher, told the Press the idea for the Pipers to come into school and work with the children came from the band.


She said: “I got an email from David Ross who is the lead drummer with the Red Hot Chilli Pipers. He was contacting a number of independent and state schools to enquire about the possibility of doing a demonstration and lessons with the children.

“We were very keen to join on to this. There will be two slots on the morning of November 17 - one hour for drumming and one hour for piping. The children will then swap over so they can get a chance to experience both.


“They won’t be using the bagpipes straight away though - they have to use a chanter first so they can get used to the fingering and the breathing.

“It is all part of the Curriculum for Excellence and we will be running it over the next four or five weeks until Christmas. We will see how it goes to start with and how the kids react to it.”

She continued: “The Red Hot Chilli Pipers are fantastic - they perform Scottish folk tunes as well as rock and use electric guitars as well as bagpipes.

“They use traditional instruments but their musical sound is bang up-to-date.”

She added: “The kids are all very excited about the Pipers coming into the school and it will give them the experience of piping.”