Lightning Rhod:

rhod gilbert''comedian''ffp
rhod gilbert''comedian''ffp
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Rhod Gilbert: ‘The Man with The Flaming Battenberg Tattoo’ (Alhambra,Dunfermline). Review by Allan Crow

It started with the story behind getting a pointless tattoo of a battenberg cake, but it was really about his anger and how it impacted on his strained relationship.

In between cracking rants on topics as random as travelling chefs on trains to Tesco‘s packaging on veg, he dipped into his anger management diary to deliver some painfully funny extracts. How he managed to condensed two solid hours of material into half that time for his Edinburgh Fringe is beyond me - the show was superbly structured from start to finish, and I can only assume audiences in the capital missed out on a lot of top notch comedy.

Their loss was our gain.

On stage with no curfew or other shows waiting impatiently in the wings - ‘Jimmy Carr’s not here to shove me off’ - Gilbert clearly enjoyed himself as he looked back on his days when he ranted and raved.

In truth the man with a pointless battenberg cake tattoo still does both quite magnificently.

The is one of the very best comedy shows I’ve seen this year.