Love Actually and the Addams Family characters... Fife’s most unusual weddings

The weddings included a Halloween themed day
The weddings included a Halloween themed day

Registrars have revealed Fife’s weird and wonderful nuptials included a ‘Love Actually’ wedding.

Musicians and a singer hidden throughout the seated wedding guests broke into song once the couple turned to make their way back up the aisle. It was the groom’s idea, much to the surprise of the bride and guests.

Angela Lumsden, Registrar in North East Fife, said: “There’s never a dull moment when you’re a registrar, which makes it a fantastic job.

“We have been asked to conduct marriage ceremonies in many wonderful settings, some very lavish venues and other smaller, more intimate venues.

“Last Christmas Day (2015), a couple wanted to be married in their parents’ home, but they didn’t tell their family and friends.

“When the registrar arrived, the family thought she was one of the bride’s friends until she announced she was going to conduct a wedding. The couple were married before everyone tucked into their Christmas dinner!

“Another couple invited their family and friends to a Halloween party which turned out to be their wedding and our registrar was dressed as Morticia Addams.

“So whether it’s your own house or garden, a holiday cottage or a grand hotel - the edge of a cliff or on the beach – we can marry people anywhere that holds special memories. We also have lovely, bright, well designed venues of our own as well as going here, there and everywhere.”

Even visitors to Fife have been married amongst the region’s beautiful scenery.

A couple who had travelled from Sweden with friends, finished a round of golf, walked straight on to the beach and exchanged vows, their friends and golfing group had no idea.

Another couple from the USA visualised their marriage taking place above crashing waves with the wind blowing and dark clouds emerging.

The council team took on board their requests and suggested Lady’s Tower in Elie as a venue to meet all their specifications.

If you’re starting to plan your own wedding with a registrar, why not consider some of the picturesque settings around Fife? And whatever style of ceremony, the council’s registrars will work with you to ensure you have a day to remember. For more information, visit or email