Loved-up couples urged to lock it down at Fife hotel

Love Locks at Balbirnie Hotel
Love Locks at Balbirnie Hotel

Fife’s Balbirnie House Hotel has sent out a call to couples who feel a special affinity with the hotel to return with their very own Love Lock.

The specially constructed fence which overlooks the hotel’s grand entrance, has already had a number of couples secure their own padlocks and Managing Director Nicholas Russell

hopes those with links to the hotel, both past and present, return to mark their special occasion with a lock.

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He has said: “The romance of Balbirnie, is a glamour which turns the dust of everyday life into a golden haze.

“There¹s a big difference between thinking someone is cute, having a crush on someone, being interested in someone, liking someone, loving someone, and being in love with someone.

“Love Locks at Balbirnie are for the latter.”

The Balbirnie Love Lock project follows on from a successful evening at the Scottish Hotel Awards in April, where Balbirnie was named as Scotland’s Wedding Hotel of the Year, for a record-breaking 12 consecutive years.

Balbirnie House Hotel was also named as Europe’s Best Romantic Hotel as well as Europe’s Destination Wedding Hotel at the Haute Grandeur Global Awards, held in Thailand in October last year.

The idea of creating a spot for loved-up couples to celebrate their relationships came from Duncan Hogg , Head Gardener at Balbirnie, who was married at the hotel.

Given the opportunity of placing the first of many Love Locks, he said: “As well as being the Gardener at Balbirnie I was also a Groom on the happiest day of my life and on the April 25 I had the pleasure to head back with my beautiful wife and place the very first Love Lock!

“I hope in the coming years this fence becomes filled with happiness and love and brings colour to our Gardens in the winter!”