Murder mystery features the home of golf

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A CANADIAN writer has cast a ‘Gazette’ reporter as one of the main characters in her new novel, reports MIKE DELANEY.

Ella J. Fraser’s ‘A Tricky Lie’ is set in Fife and features a plot which revolves around dark deeds in the world of golf.

She explained: “As with many novels, mine is a mix of fact and fiction.

“My husband is a greenkeeper with a popular golf course in Toronto.

“When I had the idea for a mystery where a greenkeeper meets an untimely end - no offence to my husband! - I looked for a setting that would be familiar to readers and where the characters themselves would have reason to be familiar with each other.

“I knew immediately that Fife offered this.

“People on both sides of the Atlantic would certainly have heard of St Andrews, even if they weren’t golfers and the story is designed to appeal to a broad audience, not strictly golfers.

“The area surrounding St. Andrews was rich with villages and atmospheric scenery, an environment that offered picturesque descriptions to write about and residents who could be close enough to each other to give that Agatha Christie vibe.

“I decided to place most of my characters in a fictional village called Beilberry, but I’ve blended this with realistic locales.

“The chief inspector works out of Fife Constabulary (headquarters in Glenrothes).

“The protagonist’s sidekick is a journalist with the ‘Fife Gazette’ .

“When I was doing my research for the book I looked at the names of the newspapers in the area.

“I made up a name that people would realize was fictional, but sounded close to reality.

“This book is the first of a series, all of which will be set in Fife.

“In addition to Fife making the perfect setting for a ‘Cosy Mystery’, Rosamunde Pilcher lives there and she is one of my all-time favourite writers, not to mention the fact that my own great-grandmother came from Scotland as well.

“I haven’t been over, but you can bet that if ‘A Tricky Lie’ does well, we will be scheduling a visit to celebrate.

“While my husband plays a round or three of golf, I’ll drive through your beautiful countryside to visit the places I reference in my book.”