Music: The race for Christmas number one

Dionne Hickey
Dionne Hickey

Although it doesn’t have the same meaning as it once did, the anticipation of what will be Christmas number one can still renew an interest.

Now that Sir Cliff has fallen from favour in a certain chart topper that honour has been left to X-Factor winners or in one case Rage Against The Machine when a group of fans decided that it would be fun to download their single en masse at the same time to register a single peak.

With physical sales so low these days the chart compilers have resorted to include each time a song is played on a streaming platform – in other words just listened to.

It hasn’t stopped campaigners however and the high profile of one time Wham member Andrew Ridgeley has insisted that to commemorate one year since George Michael’s passing we all should buy Last Christmas in order for it to reach the top. Back in 1984 it failed but only just because Band Aid rightfully dominated that year. Fans too have been behind getting an AC/DC chart topper in tribute to the recent death of guitarist Malcolm Young.

Through fans forums they hope to have an impact with For Those About To Rock (We Salute You) by suggesting they all download the track on the same day.

For me the top single this year remains our own Dionne Hickey with Won’t You Be Mine For Christmas from 2015. Former Fife Free Press Voice Of Fife winner young Dee gets airplay across the globe.