Music: The return of Finbar Furey

Finbar Furey (Pic: Ruth Medjber)
Finbar Furey (Pic: Ruth Medjber)

He may be 71 now and a survivor of a near fatal heart attack but Finbar Furey is back on the road and played Glasgow this week.

He has an album out too called Don’t Stop This Now with a whole crop of new songs.

Originally released in Ireland as Paddy Dear, this new CD package comes with a DVD of songs old and new and his wonderful stories.

He has a way with words and continues to write hence this two disc set.

As a multi-instrumentalist we can hear Finbar play whistle, pipes, banjo and guitar as well as writing the majority of the songs. He started his career playing with his brothers then Davey Arthur joined in for a spell and this resulted in a massive hit When You Were Sweet Sixteen.

This was followed by The Green Fields Of France, an Irish No 1 and both these feature on the DVD and delivered with passion to an appreciating audience. His stories are amusing too and delivered in that veteran Dublin, twang I could listen all night. His shy daughter Aine joins him for a couple of songs including The Taxi’s Waiting; a true gem.

A new artist heading out on the big road for the first time, Issac Gracie plays the Mash House in Edinburgh this Friday (April 13) to showcase his debut album. His tour will take him all over Europe too and follows support from radio as a new discovery.

This was helped by an uploaded track called Last Words which was picked up by BBC Radio 1 and this is the new single.