‘New job won’t stop local work’

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LOCAL MSP Tricia Marwick is settling in nicely to her new role as Presiding Officer of the Scottish Parliament, reports KEVIN QUINN.

Mrs Marwick spoke to the Gazette about how she has found the first couple of months in the prestigious job, since she was elected into the position on May 13.

Mrs Marwick gave an insight into what her role entails.

She said: “I love it. It has been unexpected, it was not something that I every saw me doing but it is a huge privilege and I wake up every morning thinking ‘how lucky am I?’

“It’s everything from chairing the chamber to meeting the Queen.

“It’s also meeting the groups and organisations that contribute to the business of the parliament. It’s huge.

“Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays I am almost exclusively in the hands of the parliament. Mondays, Fridays and the weekends I am in the constituency.

“The only difference now is the parliament work is just so intense.”

Mrs Marwick thanked her staff for helping her deal with constituency matters while she settles into her new job.

She said: “Unless it is a really, really urgent matter my constituency staff don’t get in touch with me.

“I am blessed with having a very committed staff in the office who can deal with the day to day enquiries. “They will consult with me about the best way to take things forward.

“They are taking a bit more responsibility, and I have had to let go bit. That hasn’t been easy as I am a control freak.

“I am still the constituency MSP, still around, I’m still doing all the work that I have always done and I am passionate about the local issues that effect the constituency.”

After meeting the Queen last week, Mrs Marwick is looking forward to a bit of normality and a chance to take it all in.

“The Queen is absolutely charming, she is very knowledgeable about the Scottish Parliament and the issues that effect the people of Scotland.

“I need to get a break, but after that I will be running around the constituency, certainly for the next couple of months I will be around the constituency a lot more.

“What a fabulous opportunity, I’m just going to enjoy the next five years. As just so few folks will ever be given the opportunity I have been given.

“So I am just going to embrace it and enjoy every moment.”