Looking back - Kirk Wynd, Kirkcaldy

Kirk Wynd, Kirkcaldy
Kirk Wynd, Kirkcaldy

We’re unsure of the date of this picture.

The shops may have changed but Kirk Wynd itself is one of the few parts of Kirkcaldy that looks almost exactly the same as it did 100 years ago.

On the right are the two buildings now occupied by the Pancake Place and Highland House, while on the left, the building with the decorator sign, which was also at one time occupied by a driving instructor, is now of course, home to the Fife Free Press.

Looming up in the background is the Old Kirk, whose origins are thought to trace back to the 14th century.

In front sits Hendry Hall, built by Daniel Hendry and gifted to the Kirk in 1891, it had various uses over the years until it was finally sold in 2000.