Looking back: Leven Promenade

Leven shoreline, early 20th century
Leven shoreline, early 20th century

This photo, taken on Leven prom looking east, just short of the junction with Church Road, was, we believe, taken in the early years of the 20th century

And it’s full of fascinating detail – from the boy showing off his bike, and the young beau and the girl with bows in her hair, to the old lady in the large hat, sat on a bench.

What is also surprising is what isn’t in the picture – no putting green; no Beach Pavilion.

Particularly intriguing is the stretch of white on what, then as now, was Leven Links golf course.

A tented encampment? Was it where, in those days, the entire town hung out their washing to dry? Or is it simply a passing steam train’s stretching plume of smoke?