Looking back: Pipe band in Kirkcaldy

editorial image

Last week we printed a picture of a mystery pipe band marching through what we thought was probably Kirkcaldy.

We knew neither where or when but thanks to our readers the puzzle has been solved!

Elizabeth Murdoch, who was in the band when she was 12, Mary Steedman and Burntisland’s Jim Forbes all contacted the FFP office to let us know that the picture shows the Kirkcaldy British Legion Pipe Band.

Mary says that the band was originally named the Caledonian Pipe Band. “They practised in the factory building opposite the North School in Kirkcaldy and then moved to the British Legion in Bennochy road and became the British Legion Pipe Band.”

Jim thinks the picture shows the band playing at a gala parade in Dysart and says it was taken in the late 1950s or early 60s.

He identified the following; front row, left to right, Pipe Major Tam Finlay, David Brown, John Cushnie and Pipe Sergeant Dave Mackay.

He added: “Behind David Brown is his twin brother, Robin, and behind John Cushnie is my father James Forbes.

“Dave Mackay, John Cushnie and Robin Brown were in later years also Pipe Majors of the band.”

Many thanks to all of you for getting in touch.