Seafield Tower, Kirkcaldy

Seafield Tower
Seafield Tower

Seafield Tower is well known in the area.

It is part of a ruined castle on the route of the Fife Coastal Path.

Built of local red sandstone in the 16th century, the land of Seafield was granted to Robert Multrare by James II of Scotland in 1443.

The tower and surrounding land remained in the hands of the Multrares until 1631 when it was sold to James Law, then Archbishop of Glasgow.

ith Law’s death in 1632 ownership of the tower became lost, but eventually it passed into the hands of the Methven family.

Its last owner was Methven of Raith who abandoned it in 1733.

The tower was believed to be five stories high when first built and 20 feet 2 inches by 14 feet 4 inches in diameter.

We have no details as to when this picture was taken, anyone like to have a guess?