On stage with the Lisbon Lions, 50 years on

The 50th anniversary of the Lisbon Lions makes for the perfect backdrop for a stage show which tells their story '“ and it's coming to Kirkcaldy this weekend.

The Celtic legends are remembered in ‘The Lions Of Lisbon’ at the Adam Smith Theatre on Saturday.

It recalls that legendary 1967 triumph, and the fans and players who made that epic journey to Lisbon.

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The play stars Frank Gallagher, best known for playing Lenny Murdoch in BBC’s River City.

And he is joined by fellow City star, Garry Sweeney, in a ten-strong cast that takes us back on the road to Lisbon.

The Lions of Lisbon was adapted and directed by Martin McCardie with musical direction from Dave Anderson.

The show takes place at Adam Smith Theatre on Saturday, at 7:30pm.

Ticket details at the box office and online at OnFife