In Pictures: Step into past at historic Kirkcaldy cemeteries

Every headstone has a story to tell ...

Friday, 17th July 2020, 4:00 pm
Updated Friday, 24th July 2020, 9:00 am
Abbotshall Church, Kirkcaldy

Lockdown gave us the the time to explore the history on our doorsteps, and where better to start than our cemeteries.

Every headstone has a story to tell, and they offer a fascinating glimpse into the past lives which helped shape our town.

Tours of the Old Kirk’s historic graveyard are now resuming.

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Abbotshall Church, Kirkcaldy - gravestone

By way of introduction, here’s our images from three local graveyards – the Old Kirk, Abbotshall and the often forgotten Nether Street.

And if you do visit, please be respectful, and take home any rubbish!

Abbotshall Church, Kirkcaldy - gravestone
Nether Street cemetery in Kirkcaldy - often forgotten but worth a visit
This headstone in the Old Kirk cemetery, Kirkcaldy, contains next to no information.
Looking along the rows of headstones at Abbotshall Cemetery
The gravestone of George Seath captures the mood of war time, noting he was " killed in action against the enemy."
Old Kirk cemetery, Kirkcaldy, is the final resting place for the great,m the good and the ordinary man, spanning several centuries
Looking across the cemetery at Abbotshall Church
Abbotshall Church, Kirkcaldy - the gravestone of William Taylor, stone carver of this town
Old Kirk cemetery, Kirkcaldy - plaque marks the final resting place of Dr Black.
The Old Kirk cemetery, Kirkcaldy, has many plaques which simply record "the burying ground" of local people.
Abbotshall Church, Kirkcaldy, is the resting place for Marjory Fleming, better known as child diarist, Pet Marjory, whose work impressed the greatest names in literature
Many young children are buried at Abbotshall Church. This statue of an angel sits on the boundary wall as a tribute to one - but could easily be for them all.
The cemeteries are full of intricate stone carvings
A view of the cemetery at Abbotshall Church, Kirkcaldy
Many headstones carry little detail. Some bear only initials, while this one, simply records "the burying ground of Joseph Fletcher" in 1839
Tours of the graveyard at Kirkcaldy's historic Old Kirk - where Adam Smith was baptised - have now re-started. They are a fascinating glimpse into the Lang Toun's past.
A cross on the wall at the Old Kirk, Kirkcaldy
One of the more striking headstones at Nether Street marks the passing of John Findlay, coxswain, aged just 30. It was erected by Rear Admiral Charles Anson with the message "well done, good and faithful servant."
Old Kirk cemetery, Kirkcaldy - this headsone celebrates the life of a man of the cloth and his wife.
Abbotshall Church, Kirkcaldy - the passing of time has resulted in some stones decaying, making their inscriptions unreadable, but others still carry their final message
A simple message from the heart on this headstone at Abbotshall Church cemetery