Poppy collection is best ever - just 12 months after closure threat

It was the best ever collection
It was the best ever collection

An ex-serviceman’s charity group, which just a year ago was on the brink of disbanding, has collected a record amount from its poppy collection in 2016.

Members of the Glenrothes branch of the British Legion collected over £15,000 in the lead up to Armistice Day, thanks to the help of an increased number of volunteer collectors.

In 2015 the collection was close to being cancelled because of the dwindling number people prepared to help its annual collection across the Glenrothes, Leslie, Markinch, Thornton and Coaltown communities.

But thanks to renewed support, an increase to more than 200 venues taking collection tins and the generosity of the public, the collection topped the previous highest total by more than £1000.

“We are delighted to have collected so much, especially in light of where we were a year ago,” said Ron Smith, local co-ordinator.

“It would have been a tragedy had we not had a poppy collection in the town, it’s one of the most popular of all annual collections and one the vast majority of people want to support. Achieving such a high total was also helped by the various retailers who supported us this year, which we are extremely grateful for.”

While volunteers can rightly be proud of their efforts, Ron added that it was important to continue planning ahead for next year’s poppy collection.

The group is now looking for more volunteers to help next year – contact Ron Smith on 01592-610420.