13th Century building set for maintenance

Mansfield, Kirk Wynd, Markinch
Mansfield, Kirk Wynd, Markinch

PLANS have been lodged to carry out work on one of the oldest buildings in Fife, reports KEVIN QUINN.

Mansefield, located on the corner of Manse Road and Kirk Wynd in Markinch, was referred to in the Glebe Charter of 1284 as one of only three houses in Markinch, and is thought to have been there for over 100 years at that time.

Although rebuilt over the years, the site is still likely to contain some of the original masonry. It would appear that the building which stands there now is around 300 years old.

Bruce Manson of the Markinch Heritage Group said Mansefield had historical importance and its beginnings were of interest.

He said: “It’s quite a significant building. It was an old priory, prior to the reformation.

“The building stands on land referred to in two of Markinch’s earliest charter documents both dating from the 13th century.

“The Earl of Fife granted it to the church. The building was built in various stages.

“I think there is some kind of date mark within the building which was put there when it was refurbished sometime during the 18th century.

“It’s got significance locally. It’s an important building.”

The current occupiers of this local historic site have lodged a planning application to carry out maintenance work on the historic building and make one slight adjustment.

Joanna Lockhart is the architect working on the project. She explained what work she has ahead of her, if planning consent is given to the application.

She said: “Basically, my clients are just looking to repair and renew the property.

“They are undertaking a programme of repairs to the building. Just to maintain it.

“The only difference is to their existing extension- which has a flat roof and they want to put a gable end roof up instead.

“It is important to maintain Mansefield. It’s a lovely old building with real character. The people that own it have lived there for a long time.

“They obviously want to keep it and add to that.

“In itself this is not a massive job, just a long job. Really, it’s just maintenance and repairs to the roof.

“It’s hard to say how long it would take because it’s on-going, it could take years.”