Dunfermline new build rental properties set for exhibition

Work has started on building the properties for rental purposes
Work has started on building the properties for rental purposes

Kingdom Housing Association and Fife Council have unveiled plans to deliver a housing exhibition next year, as part of a new build developments which has the properties earmarked for rental, reports GAIL MILNE.

A showcase of contemporary and future housing will be unveiled in Dunfermline in May 2012, featuring 27 new properties demonstrating 10 different modern methods of construction. It will take place in the new housing development on Pittsburgh Road/Dunlin Drive in the weeks before the properties are released for rent, in May next year.

Alan McGuckin, chief executive of Kingdom Housing Association said: “The aim of the project is to develop different house systems on the site which can demonstrate their capabilities to be mainstreamed as part of future affordable housing projects. The project partnership has also identified a full range of objectives relating to supply chain integration and sustainability that will be delivered through the project.

“An exhibition, will run alongside the showcase, bringing together consultants, contractors and suppliers from across the UK, to promote their products and services.”

As part of the programme of events, trade and educational visits will also be organised as well as an open family fun weekend to allow the public access to view the properties and the new systems in place and chat with suppliers about how they can integrate some of these into their own properties.

The infrastructure contract has now started on site and works are being carried out on the site by Campion Homes, who will develop the serviced plots for the different house systems.

Councillor Brian Goodall, chair of Fife Housing Partnership and Fife Council’s Housing and Communities Committee added: “It’s great to see the partnership leading the way in delivering this important and innovative project. These properties will showcase new and sustainable products that can be integrated into plans when building affordable housing. The tenants should also benefit from the new solutions very quickly and their feedback will help shape the way future affordable housing is delivered across the country.”