Petition reveals local anger over TR homes

Morris Brown with Jim Ireland and Gordon Mercer
Morris Brown with Jim Ireland and Gordon Mercer
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A CADHAM man has told the Gazette why he has began a petition against plans to build up to 200 homes at Tullis Russell water works, reports KEVIN QUINN.

Morris Brown lives at Cadham Villas, opposite the site of the planned development, and collected more than 300 signatures in a matter of days opposing the plans.

He revealed the two main reasons he is against the plans. He said: “Where I live is part of the Cadham conservation area, it used to be a village.

It’s an area of conservation and we always had to abide by that. This would totally go against the look of the area.

“Secondly, if they get the go-ahead it will dramatically increase the traffic. It’s difficult getting out the Cadham Junction as it is. But they are going to change it in to an even more dangerous road.”

Mr Brown has spoken to representatives from James Barr Ltd, the agents acting on behalf of Tullis Russell. They told him that transportation are not interested in directing the new estate’s traffic to the Tullis Russell roundabout, an idea he has put forward.

Mr Brown wants to keep these plans in the public eye, as he believes Tullis Russell are trying to push through the plans quietly. He said: “They got the change of use for the site very much under the radar.

“We saw people surveying the field on behalf of Tullis Russell last November, then Cllr Bill Kay told me it had been given change of use. And more recently, Fiona Grant highlighted the fact that 200 homes were planned.

“Obviously Tullis Russell are pushing it as hard as they can.”

Mr Brown plans to get more signatures and arrange meetings with agents James Barr Ltd. He highlighted concerns over disused mine shafts on the site and animals there, including- owls, hawks, bats and pheasants.

He added: “The majority of people are concerned. Several neighbours are not happy. Ultimately it’s a money-making exercise.”