Pupils meet a luminous alumni...

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FORMER Buckhaven High School pupil and internationally-acclaimed artist David Mach took some time out recently to greet some special visitors.

Budding young artists from his former school, right, took a trip through to Edinburgh recently to see meet the famous alumni, above right, at his Precious Light exhibition at the City Art Centre.

Accompanying them was principal art teacher Micha Weir, herself a former pupil of the school.

She said: “This visit was a fantastic opportunity for our pupils to meet an internationally renowned artist who was himself a pupil at their own school.

“This will give them a great incentive for their own future careers in that it gives them a chance to meet a living, breathing, highly creative individual who has moved on from his education in Buckhaven High School to a world stage.”

Precious Light, which shows until October 16, is the Turner Prize-nominated artist’s largest solo exhibition to date and explores the themes and legacy of the King James Bible.

Mach attracted controversy when he revealed his plan to light a matchstick head of Jesus, but the event took place last week without incident.

Speaking before the pupils’ visit, Mach said: “Strange to talk to pupils from an institution I last set foot in 1974 but I’m excited to do it and looking forward to it.”