Quirky tales raise cash and a laugh

The Mobility Tales of Edna & Mr P
The Mobility Tales of Edna & Mr P

A NEW book has been launched to raise funds for the East Neuk Wheelchair Appeal.

‘The Mobility Tales of Edna & Mr P’, by Murray Walker, is a collection of funny stories following the trials and tribulations of Edna and Mr P, a fictitious pair, getting to grips with different mobility equipment.

It was launched at the appeal’s recent auction dinner and got off to a great start by immediately raising £300 through sales.

Readers of local community magazine the East Neuk Edition will be familiar with Edna and Mr P, as they have featured in its pages for the past six years, next to the adverts of author Mr Walker’s business CC Mobility of Anstruther.

Mr Walker explained the initial idea of putting a humorous look on disability issues came about after someone sent him a photograph of a woman who had driven her mobility scooter into a ditch at some roadworks, and people seemed to find it funny.

He explained: “Obviously there is no intention of belittling the problems from which many of us suffer, but, hopefully, by introducing certain topics in a light-hearted manner, awareness is expanded.

“Certainly from all the feedback I have had no one has taken offence and comments have been positive.

“Many have actually said how much they look forward to the next edition and to Edna and Mr P’s adventures.”

Eleanor Bowman, chair of the East Neuk Wheelchair Appeal, praised Mr Walker for his efforts. She said: “We are indebted to people who choose to fund raise for us, so a big ‘thank you’ to Murray for putting this hilarious book together. It’s a great read, the stories had me laughing out loud.”

‘The Mobility Tales of Edna & Mr P’ is available from CC Mobility, 21 High Street East, Anstruther or you can order online www.fb.com/EdnaAndMrP.