Revealing Scottish garden secrets

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THE National Trust for Scotland is offering a major study course into the history, conservation and management of Scotland’s gardens, starting in September.

During 15 day-long sessions, top specialists in the field of garden history and heritage gardening will unravel the history and management behind some fascinating landscapes, so that others may be preserved.

The courses begin on September 18 and continue through until June 2013 at various venues, with most in the east of Scotland.

The Trust is custodian to some of the finest gardens and designed landscapes but is also a resource for learning traditional gardening methods and techniques through its School of Heritage Gardening.

Led by a team of experts including gardens advisors, head gardeners, garden archaeologists and the renowned garden historian Christopher Dingwall, there will be a variety of talks, field visits and practical exercises.

It will be a very hands-on course, where entrants will learn how to create their own garden conservation plans.

For more information on booking details and costs, email