Review: Brendan Cole - all round entertainer

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Brendan Cole: All Night Long, Alhambra Theatre

As the crowds headed to the exits, once voice could heard saying ‘’I’ve never seen so many steps in one night. – and she wasn’t referring to the stairs out either.

Brendan Cole’s latest return to the Dunfermline theatre, where he has become something of a regular visitor, earned him a standing ovation which was thoroughly deserved.

The stardust, and pulling power, of the ‘Strictly’ brand is still strong.

Cole sprinkled a few anecdotes throughout the show, and underlined his own development from dancer to all-round entertainer.

The boy can move, that’s not in doubt – but he can also sing and, on this tour, he even chips in with some guitar playing after taking up the band’s challenge of learning to play an instrument,

And, blast, he’s a nice bloke too, engaging with his audience throughout, offering birthday wishes and some chit-chat.

When it comes time to hang up his dancing shoes, he’s clearly got the makings of a showman/host, maybe even a judge on a certain show?

But dancing remains his first love - and this show had more than enough routines to delight the fans which covered the age spectrum from kids to grans.

You also have to doff your top hat to Cole for not stinting on the production of this touring show either.

It comes with a live band, eight dancers and two singers, and they all play a huge part in the night – he may be playing theatres while the official ‘Strictly’ tour packs out the Hydro, but this is still a big show in every way.

And, bottom line, it’s hugely entertaining.