Review: Graham Bonnet - Catch The Rainbow

Graham Bonnet'Liquid Rooms'Edinburgh'March 2014''for web review
Graham Bonnet'Liquid Rooms'Edinburgh'March 2014''for web review

It isn’t often you get the chance to dig out your old Rainbow tour t-shirts from the 1970s and 80s, so the dieheard fans weren’t going to pass up the moment Graham Bonnet hit town.

There were more than a few on display in the largely male and largely wrong-side-of-40-but-never-too-old-to-rock crowd to see him dust off the old classics the best part of 30 years on at the Liquid Rooms in Edinburgh.

His one album with the band, ‘Down To Earth’ yielded the hit singles ‘All Night Long’ and ‘Since You’ve Been Gone’ before he logged a top ten hit with ‘Night Games,’

Bonnet went onto play with Michael Schenker and Alcatrazz, but his ‘moment’ was that album and those singles.

Monday’s set was based almost entirely on ‘Down To Earth’ with a couple of Dio-era classics chucked in for good measure and it was decent enough, if a bit ragged at times, given Bonnet’s voice was bedevilled with laryngitis and he clearly struggled.

He took a break mid-set to rest his weary tonsils, and that allowed the band to indulge in an long instrumental version of ‘Kill The King’ which took an age to get going, but came complete with drum solo - ah, but not any old drum solo, this was on the kit once played by the god that was Cozy Powell. Even the kit got a cheer, but, rock heritage aside, it was still just a drum solo.

‘Since You’ve Been Gone’ was chucked in early for a wee sing-along in a set purely for the Rainbow diehards; pretty much every track off the album including the ones you thought were a bit ‘meh’ all those years ago, haven’t listened to since, and 30 years on, haven’t really aged that well either.,. think I’d rather have heard belters such as ‘Starstruck’ ...

It finished with the band’s old stomper ‘Long Live Rock ‘n’ Roll’ .. with some very un-rock ‘n’ roll crib sheets for lyrics on the stage.