Rock n roll will never die - 66 and loving his 15th year at T in the Park

Ian Sloan at T in the Park 2011
Ian Sloan at T in the Park 2011

Ian Sloan will attend his 15th T in the Park in a row this July, aged 66 years young, writes Kevin Quinn.

The Glenrothes Art Club secretary goes for the whole weekend every year, slumming it with all the youngsters in the campsite.

Ian, (currently 65), attends the music festival with a group of younger former work colleagues and doesn’t see why he shouldn’t enjoy the event, when some of the artists performing are as old or older than him.

He said: “I missed the first year it went to Balado , but I have been ever since 1998. I have camped at all but a couple of times when my mates didn’t have the money.

“But at the vast majority I have been in the campsite for the whole weekend- enjoying the mud or the blistering sunshine. You can’t predict the weather there.

“There was one occasion when I could take the skin of my feet because of the mud. I ended up in the first aid tent. When they asked me my date of birth they all stopped and said- ‘what!’. I was in my sixties at the time, so they were a bit shocked.

“I really enjoy it though. I remember the year James Brown played, he was in his seventies, so I had a T-shirt made up saying ‘this guy is even older then me!’.

“People can perform there into their sixties, so why can’t I attend?

“I go with guys that are a lot younger, in their thirties mainly, people I used to work with.

“I go for the experience and the music, I have always been a great fan of music, I was a disc jockey for years at youth club events etc.

“Although, some of the current stuff goes over my head a bit, like N-Dubz.

“But seeing the View come through the tents to the main stage has been a tremendous experience.

“Things like that are memorable, mixed in of course with the big international talent.”

Although standing as a Labour Party candidate in Glenrothes Central and Thornton for the Fife Council elections in May, Ian doesn’t believe this will stop him attending this highlight in his year.

“I’m looking forward to this summer, he added. The Stone Roses will be good.

“You can also find wee gems in the tents, it’s not just about the main stage. I enjoy seeing the news stuff.

“And the Ceilidh tent is a scream. It’s an amazing comparison to the other stages.

“The whole thing is a brilliant experience. One of the main highlights of the year.

“I’m standing for council elections so that may put a dampener on it, but I think its perfectly valid for a councillor to go to T in the Park.

“I like when it has been a sunny one, when you are listening to the music while lying in the sunshine and just generally having a great time.

“T in the Park is a safe place too. All praise to the organisers for making it a safe and secure place for that many people to go too.

“It all makes for an enjoyable experience.”